INM has launched a new line of gel polish and acrylic products.  We took a visit to a nice Tempe Nail Salon to check it out.  We watched the process of application and design.  We inspected their new UV lights and are really impressed with the quality.  No more chipping or lifting with their line of products.

UV Light

A lot of local salons are not using real gel polish.  They are using cheap knock offs that lift or chip.  Gel was created as away to put an end to lifting and chipping polish.  They require a specific frequency of UV light to cure.  Different brands of polish are engineered to cure at different types and amounts of UV light.  UV light is made up of different types of rays.  B rays are the ones that burn you.  These are also the ones that make your skin a darker shade.  A rays are longer wave lengths of light and they push your melatonin to the outter layers of your skin which allow the A rays to turn brown.  The UV light used to cure your gel polish is done in short bursts and is safe if you do not get over exposure.


These days the nail industry has gone through a lot of changes.  Most of you probably are used to getting your nails done at the local strip mall by someone who doesn’t understand English.  That has been fine for decades because getting your nails done was basically just a manicure and nail polish.   But these days it has advanced well beyond that with acrylics and gel polishes that require LED lights to dry.  In the old days your nails would dry when they dried and a lot of times you would accidentally bump them in the car on the way home.  But these days they actually have to be done by trained professionals using advanced chemically engineered products.  Do you trust someone who doesn’t understand anything you say to not over expose you to UV light? In the past you just had to worry about sanitation in those salons but these days there are new risks with new advanced futuristic products.  We are going to blog about these products and talk about what you should do to stay safe and have the best nails in the world.